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Student Accommodation Statistics

These statistics relate to student accommodation in Northern Ireland and the surrounding area that has been advertised on Studentpad

Statistics Overview

Total Properties:


Total Active Adverts:


Total Rooms:


Rooms Available:


Note: Statistics below are based on total adverts and are taken once daily. [Last Update: 15/11/2019 @ 0:48:05].

Area Statistics
Last Update: 15/11/2019 @ 0:48:05

Per Person Per WeekPer Person Per Month
Belfast - Botanic£55.38£60.46£69.23£240.00£262.00£300.005
Belfast - Stranmillis£58.85£59.71£60.00£255.00£258.75£260.002
Belfast - Windsor£57.69£57.69£57.69£250.00£250.00£250.001
Coleraine - University£40.38£43.27£46.15£175.00£187.50£200.001
Derry - Rosemount£75.00£78.85£80.77£325.00£341.67£350.003
Derry - Strand£86.54£86.54£86.54£375.00£375.00£375.001
Portrush -Atlantic£50.00£50.00£50.00£216.67£216.67£216.671
Portstewart - Portstewart Central£40.38£45.86£50.77£175.00£198.75£220.002
Average Price Including Utilities*
Last Update: 15/11/2019 @ 0:48:05
AreaPer Person Per WeekPer Person Per MonthAdverts
Belfast - Botanic£60.46£262.005
Belfast - Stranmillis£59.71£258.752
Belfast - Windsor£57.69£250.001
Coleraine - University£43.27£187.501
Derry - Rosemount£78.85£341.673
Derry - Strand£86.54£375.001
Portrush -Atlantic£50.00£216.671
Portstewart - Portstewart Central£45.86£198.752
Average Price Excluding Utilities*
Last Update: 15/11/2019 @ 0:48:05

* Included utilities are gas, electricity and water only.

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